Hail and Well Met

I am:

An archaeologist (the older the better, and preferably in Jordan).
A writer (because I cannot imagine another way).
A reader (of the voracious sort).
A Christian (The greatest of these is love).
A television consumer (for stories in colour).
An aspiring PhD candidate (see following: re “dreamer”).
A dreamer (head in the clouds).
A wanderer (feet on the ground).
and, apparently, I am an internet junkie (I’m here, aren’t I?).

Those are the cool parts. The less cool parts are that I am 27, I am from Southwestern Ontario, and I cannot play as many musical instruments as I wish I could.

Anyway, this is my blog, where I will talk about writing, reading, books, maybe getting published, and where I will post the occasional short story.

I don’t remember not being able to read. I don’t remember ever looking at a sign or a recipe and not knowing what it said. I don’t remember learning to read, even though I know I must have. I remember learning to tie my shoes and learning to braid my own hair (with varying success in both cases), but I don’t remember stumbling over silent letters and hesitating in the face of a multi-syllabic word. I’m sure all of these things happened, but I have been a reader for so long that I don’t remember them. For this, I am eternally grateful.

I have loved books for longer than I can remember, but I remember the moment I fell in love with words. I was listening to a recording of the Muppets’ “Frog Prince” in the library at Hullett Central School (why I was there I cannot recall), and in doing so discovered spoonerisms. It was all frown dill thumb hair, but fortunately grammar and I have an excellent relationship and we understand that sometimes, I am going to cheat on it a little bit with style.

Writing took a little bit longer. I kept a paper journal for years and wrote short stories for school assignments, but it was not until my first year of university, when I discovered CSI fanfiction, that I really start writing on a regular basis. And, boy, was I really bad at it. But the community was amazing, and I was having a lot of fun and getting good feedback, so I kept writing. And I got better.  I learned how to structure a story and how to write dialogue. And I made friends who read my stuff and tell me how to fix it (though clearly none of them have broken me of my “start sentences with ‘and’ for drama” habit). Nearly a decade and at least 15 fandoms later, I’m still going strong.

In 2008, I did NaNoWriMo for the first time. I wrote nine words. It was terrifying!  But then in 2009, after getting the idea from a girl buying Jenga for a sleepover, I wrote my first manuscript; 85K in a month, followed by a nap until Christmas. In 2010, I wrote another. And again in 2011. Each of them has been different and each of them has been fun. In fact, I have yet to complete a manuscript outside of the NaNo setting (I have a thing for deadlines), though I hope to break that streak this year (not the least because I’ve had a 2/3 complete MS on my hard drive since April of 2010, and it’s messing up my count).

So now I write. When I am not writing, I split my time between sleeping, applying for jobs, remembering to only put one space after a full stop (muscle memory, I tell you!), and trying to get back into grad school. And now blogging, apparently.

My goal is to post at least four times a month: once about writing, once about a random topic, one book review and one short story. Hopefully, I will be able to do more than that. I have a planner and a notebook and a Star Wars calendar and some stickers, so I am motivated, if nothing else.

Hail and well met, my friends. Hail and well met.


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