Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is an idea inspired by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

I am absolutely spoiled for choice this week (which is both awesome and frustrating!), but a couple of the books I was thinking of picking don’t have covers yet. Since there’s not much point in picking a book we can’t drool over the cover art for, my choice was a bit easier.

A Victorian girl!spy novel, Y.S. Lee’s “The Traitor in the Tunnel” doesn’t exactly have my name written all over it…but give me an hour. And a crayon.

I found Lee’s first book on the shelf one day, quite at random when I was shopping in Toronto. I was doing my best to not actually BUY anything at the time, so I just wrote it down for later. When I was out west, I was happy to discover it again (having, naturally, lost the list), and then I enjoyed the second book in the series quite a bit as well*.

And then I found out that we are getting book three!

The Agency series represents a fascinating part of Victorian society that goes largely unremarked upon. It’s painful and awkward and hard (sometimes), but Mary is clever and witty and determined, and following her story is a great deal of fun.

Plus, you know: kissing.




*Those would be “A Spy in the House” and “The Body at the Tower”, both of which were magnificent.


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