Waiting on Wednesday

It’s Wednesday! Which means we’re this much closer to May 1 and all the SUPER FUN books that will be out that day (insert required comment about how VERY BADLY I want to get my hands on BITTERBLUE).


This week’s book is Paolo Bacigalupi’s THE DROWNED CITIES, the follow-up to his first YA novel.

I don’t think you actually need to read SHIP BREAKER before you read this one, but I do recommend it. Bacigalupi’s version of the apocalypse is one of my favourites. He doesn’t do zombies or asteroids or over population. He does weather*, and it is absolutely terrifying.

I know almost nothing about this book, except that I really liked the first one and that this one seems to take place in Washington. Hopefully this means politics! In any case, the image of the Drowned New Orleans (And New New Orleans) is one of my favourite images from a book I’ve read recently, and I’m excited to find out what else is going on in this world**.

And hopefully this time there will be a map. 🙂





*I had a chat with…I think it was Tessa Gratton about the genre of SHIP BREAKER. I called it “Weather Apocalypse”, but I suppose it’s probably a dystopia right on the edge of being almost contemporary? I might change it to “geo-apocalypse”. I get stuck on Near Future, and it’s possible I have, as seen in Monday’s post, too many sub-genres. Anyway, regardless of where you put it it’s awesome.

**I assume Canada just froze to death off screen. But maybe we’re just biding our time?


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