An Update on the Sharpie Pencil

Guess who forgot to pick a blog topic for this week?

Anyway, a couple days ago I went into the pen store in Cambridge, which I had promised myself I wouldn’t do, because I can’t afford ANYTHING right now, let alone those magnificent, expensive pens. But it was there and I was there, and I just COULDN’T RESIST, so I went in.

Before long, I was talking to the saleswoman about the CRUSHING AND DEVASTATING DISAPPOINTMENT of the Sharpie Pencil* (because that’s a conversation it’s okay to have with complete strangers in pen stores), and she said “Oh, honey. Do I have the pen for you.”**

She reached over and pulled out the PILOT POINT FRIXON, which looks like this:

Of course, since it’s a pen and therefore not made of LIQUID GRAPHITE, it loses a few points automatically. At the same time, there are MULTIPLE BRIGHT COLOURS, so that’s a definitely plus.

THE BEST PART, though, is that the pen erases WITH FRICTION. You write something down, you make a mistake, you flip the pen, and you MAKE IT DISAPPEAR WITH SCIENCE. Even better, there are no FILINGS, so there’s nothing to brush away, even though twenty-seven years of practice erasing things makes the motion kind of automatic.

I managed not to buy all of them (again, only just), but I look forward to acquiring more, in more colours, later. They should be particularly awesome for editing. Or just, you know, any blank paper I happen to come across.


*This remains my most searched for blog entry. Apparently other people are just as upset as I am. You can read it here:
**She did not actually say “oh, honey”, because people in Canada don’t really SAY that, which I think is too bad.


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