Bonus Monday Post

The contest to win an ARC of THE CURIOSITIES is open until JUNE 20th. You can still enter in the comments of this post. Right now, your odds are pretty good.

QUESTIONS WERE ASKED! I shall answer some of them now, and if more get asked, I’ll answer some next week too.

1. Elisabeth Deffner asks “What’s your book about? YA, MG, or adult?”

My book is a YA contemporary fantasy. To quote Andrew Karre, “You’re never going to look at dragons, Canada, or climate change the same way.”

2. Amanda F  asks “Why did the dragon cross the road?”

To get to the idling tractor!

3. Dani Nguyen asks “What is your opinion of the impending zombie apocalypse?”

I’m not really emotionally cut out for apocalypses. I could maybe do a Buffy style one because the world tends to ACTUALLY END with her, but I definitely couldn’t do zombies. My main hope in that situation is to die as quickly as possible. Or hide. I could do hiding.

I have a story about it, even.

4. Sue Corkill asks “If you could rewrite the ending of any book or series, which would it be and what would you change?”

Um…I don’t think I could bring myself to change a book! Too much goes into them. I would have LOVED to know what happened to Zuko’s mother in AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER, and STARGATE: ATLANTIS still kind of breaks my heart, but I’m not really a changer when it comes to other people’s work. Except fanfic, obviously. In which case Ashley Magnus and Kate Freelander hunt monsters together and set the world on fire.

5. Paper Frontiers asks “What is the title of your book?”

Right now, my book is called THE STORY OF OWEN. It’s very early, though, so anything could happen. 🙂


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