Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel

I’ve decided to start blogging on Mondays. Fridays were fun, but with my new work schedules, I seem to have a lot of 12 hours days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (and sometimes Saturday), and that’s really not conducive to blogging. So Mondays it is*!

Anyway, September is well upon us, and that means it’s almost time for regular season television to come back**. Don’t get me wrong, summer TV has really improved in the last few years, but I still get a thrill when all my favourite shows premiere in the last week of September/first week of October.

(I also think, by the way, that a large part of the reason I’ve had trouble coming up with ideas for blog posts is because there’s no new TV to watch. I don’t understand the people who say they turn their brains off when they watch TV. I turn mine up to hyper-drive. I don’t really watch TV to relax. I watch it to learn, to puzzle, to follow the story as closely as I can. That seems to lead to blogging, particularly when a show I like does something that gives me feeeeeelings.)

I haven’t always been a TV watcher. Until university, I could count the number of TV shows I watched on a regular basis on one hand (Road to Avonlea, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, Alias, Star Trek Voyager and CSI), but when I went away to school, I suddenly had all this free time in the evenings*** and, more importantly, cable. Thus, I discovered TV. And I loved it.

(We’ve talked about this before, but I am nearly always a lover of things. If I don’t LOVE it, chances are pretty good I won’t WATCH it. I’m also notoriously forgiving and defensive of my shows. That said, if they push me far enough, I do leave them. I stopped watching Supernatural in the middle of an episode, abandoned Game of Thrones because it bothered me, and Doctor Who is on my last nerve.)

My TV watching habits have changed profoundly from my uni days. For starters, I rarely watch TV on TV at all. I don’t usually have one, and thanks to my work schedule, I’m usually in bed by 8PM. Thankfully between DVDs and livestreaming, I can watch whenever I want, as long as I don’t mind CTV showing me the same two commercials every ten minutes****. The other handy thing about this is that it means I get to watch TV alone. There are a few exceptions, but generally speaking I prefer solitary viewing, because it means I can laugh and/or cry as hard as I want, and not have family members tell me that I’m sick, silly or lack basic comprehension skills inherent in other people*****.

Obviously, all bets are off when I watch things with Emma******. 😉

I still write down what day everything airs, even though my chances of actually watching on the day are slim. For posterity, here is my To Watch List for the fall/winter season of TV, 2012-13.

Sunday used to be the Dead Night of TV, but all of a sudden it got really good! This year, I have ONCE UPON A TIME, which I love because it is either silly or amazing, REVENGE, which I love because Emily Van Camp is awesome and Nolan is better, and HOMELAND, in which Damian Lewis and Claire Danes will do their best to make sure I never sleep again.

Monday night is CASTLE time. I started watching this show as my cotton candy recovery from the emotional trauma of Battlestar Galactica rebound, and it turned out to be SO MUCH FUN. And also: pretty. It’s also WAREHOUSE 13, which is already half over, but I’m still counting it. I love that show so much.

Wednesday is CRIMINAL MINDS. We’ve had our differences, but I keep coming back to this CBS procedural, because it’s just SO. DARN. AWESOME. It’s pretty much a masterclass in writing and character development (most of the time), and the continuity (and the credit they give to the audience) just owns my soul.

Thursday is THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, which was totally supposed to be one of those shows I watched twice and gave up on, and yet somehow became this BEAUTIFUL THING. I don’t even know. Also on Thursday is FLASHPOINT, my little Canadian show that could. It’s in its last season and if the premiere is anything to go by, it’s not planning to pull any punches.

Friday is FRINGE and HAVEN or, as I like to think of it, Awesome Blonde Women Take Names And Kick Ass. Because, seriously. Between them, there’s not a lot Olivia Dunham and Audrey Parker can’t do. It’s FRINGE’s last season, which makes me sad, but at least they’ve planned it, so it should end well.

Saturday is DOCTOR WHO, which I may or may not give up on. And then at some point LEVERAGE comes back, along with MY LITTLE PONY, just to make the weekends more interesting.

I don’t really have anything NEW in my line-up this year, which is unusual for me. I haven’t found anything particularly inspiring. Also, I do love reading and writing (and, you know, SLEEPING), so I don’t want to fall in love with too many things. That said, if there’s a new show you think I should watch, I’d love to hear about it in comments.




*I may continue New Book Tuesdays and Waiting on Wednesdays, just to really weight the beginning of the week. We’ll see how ambitious/tired I get. Also, in case it wasn’t apparent, the title of this blog post is because I’m talking about TV. I am, in fact, no longer blogging at the same time, bat or otherwise.
** I really hope you weren’t expecting something more profound.
***You know, except for classes. And homework.
****It’s worth it. Even during the Olympics when I saw that stupid McDonald’s commercial 250 times a day.
*****Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents. But it’s largely thanks to them that I prefer to do things alone. Being told your emotional reactions are wrong will do that to a girl.
******One of the reasons I like Mark Watches (and Mark Reads) so much is that he has such BIG reactions. And often his reactions are the same as mine, which is always nice.


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