A Year in Blogging

Last January, when I decided to start blogging, I thought I would follow a pretty distinct schedule: a post about writing, a post about me, a book review, a short story, (possibly a guest post, if the month allowed). I did not do anything like that, but at the same time, I think I did manage to blog enough, and say what I wanted to.

When I began, I was thinking of editing and querying. Since I sold THE STORY OF OWEN in May, my goals have shifted a bit. I probably won’t post too much more often this year, but I am hoping to have a significantly more dragon/music/story themed posts when I do. Also, I hope to not fall off the wagon so dramatically once the summer rolls around. But I guess we’ll see.

My most popular post is still THE SHARPIE PENCIL, and my most popular day is the WoW when I was reblogged by Sarah Rees Brennan. I get a lot of searches for cupcakes, my own name, and “i often wonder if more girls were willing to be ladies”. I am happy to see that “LOW LIGHT”, my only short story of the year, is one of my top five in terms of hits.

There’s been a lot of talk about writing blogs this year, and whether or not they are of particular merit. I really, really doubt that my “how I got published” story will ever be of use to anyone, for example, which is why I have never detailed it here. I’ve also not talked about my process, which is largely “open computer, type”.  I’d much rather talk about other stuff, which is mostly what I do (though I try to be somewhat more professional than I am on my livejournal).

Speaking of that, I have no plans to continue my book reviews at this point. I’ll still read a lot, but I think I’ll limit them to Twitter. This year, I want to LOVE more books instead of READ more books. After three years of counting, I think I am ready for that. Also, there are a lot of things I wish to re-read, and I am very much looking forward to that.

Oh, and also I really liked The Hobbit. REALLY, REALLY. So there will also probably be a lot of posts about that, ranging from the writing to the music to my unexpected love of the dwarves to…well, everything. Ten years ago, I went head over heels with the Lord of the Rings online community, and it looks like I’m about to do the same with The Hobbit*.

As for books, well, that would be telling. I am very excited to work with my 2014 debut group (though I confess that with the insanity of Retail Christmas, I kind of forget what I promised to do), and I am looking forward to finding good pictures to use for the promotion of THE STORY OF OWEN. And, of course, there will be new books. I’m not sure of their shape yet, but I have a few things that I’ve been waiting to poke at, and I am very excited to finally get started.

January is kind of an arbitrary time for promises. There’s no real reason why you can’t do all of this in, say, July. But after working at the stores so much after Thanksgiving in October, I’m…ready to start over. I’m going to take a week-long nap (and maybe go see The Hobbit two or six more times), and then, well, Further Up and Further In!




*I’m not kidding. During the writing of this, I spent approximately 3 hours reading THE APPENDICES and some more time on tumblr, because that is where the gifs are.


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