Making History

Victoria Schwab’s new book, THE ARCHIVED, comes out on January 22, and to celebrate, she is hosting a project called MAKING HISTORY, wherein you share a story about a time or event that shaped you. This is mine.

Lullabies for Girls Who Read (or, The Last Thing I Wrote Before I Became A Writer)



5 responses to “Making History

  1. OH, KATE. That was absolutely beautiful. I’m all teary-eyed now. *sniffles* You are AMAZING and it has been such a joy to watch your journey and your optimism and to get to be a part of the wonders you surround yourself with. *GLOMPS*

  2. Wonderful Kate. You really are amazing. I’m so glad I know you. If I ever get my girl I am definitely going to remember this (and with my boys too).

  3. This is amazing. You should be so, so proud of yourself. It’s been a pleasure and honor to have seen you go through this journey. You deserve epic amounts of awesomeness.

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